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Welcome to DisneyStobes.com. This site is a compilation of pictures and videos that I took while I was in Florida visiting Disney and Universal Studios. My time in Florida was from July 24, 2006 - August 4, 2006.

Disney and Universal Studios are amazing parks located around Orlando in Florida. I had a blast visiting all of the parks and can't wait to make the trip back again. It doesn't matter how old you are, all of these parks make you feel like a kid again. I just can't put into words the excitement of watching the night time parade SpectroMagic at the Magic Kingdom. It's truly something you have to experience for yourself.

If I had to choose just one park, it would be without a doubt the Magic Kingdom. During my eleven days in Orlando, I visited the Magic Kingdom three times, and on all three visits I watched the night time parade. Overall though, with attractions like Splash Mountain, Mission Space, Soarin', the Tower of Terror, the Rockin' Roller Coaster, you cannot compare these parks to any other in North America. They are truly one of a kind and a must see.

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Enjoy the site and the many memories that I've brought back with me.

-Andrew Stobart

Please note that this site is in no way affiliated with Disney or Universal studios.