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During the summer of 2006 I traveled down to Orlando Florida with my parents and sister for two weeks. For eleven days straight we were in different theme parks every day, sometimes even two or three in a single day! We visited all four Disney parks, the two Disney water parks, and the two Universal Studios parks. I can easily say this was one of the most enjoyable trips I've ever been on with my family.

In the two week vacation I managed to gather a collection of over seven hundred pictures. I have a personal website that I post pictures on, but its picture section definitely isn't designed to handle more than 30 pictures for a single event. That's when I decided to create a website dedicated to my Disney trip. You'll find both pictures and short video clips that I took from the vacation.

All of the pictures found on this site were taken by myself using a Canon Digital Elph SD700 IS. The camera actually suffered on the last day of the trip when I was riding Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. The camera was on my belt and got jammed between my side and the side of the coaster. The LCD panel on the back of the camera was cracked and only lit up a bright white when the camera was on, rendering the camera useless. Luckily this happened on the last day of our trip which was our third visit to the Magic Kingdom, so all the pictures I would have taken would have just been doubles anyways.

This website was coded completely with Wordpad on Windows XP. All graphics were created with Adobe Photoshop CS 2. The website launched on September 17, 2006. You may even find an ascii character or two if you check out my source code ;) If you like any of the pictures on this site and would like higher resolutions copies, feel free to contact me and ask. The original resolution on all of the pictures on this site is 2816 x 2112.

-Andrew, who's already thinking about his next trip down to Disney and Universal

NOTE: This site is in no way associated with Disney or Universal Studios. It was created by a fan for the enjoyment of others.